Playing the Good Ole 8-bit

First I played some Wrecking Crew, which is a really good game and one of my favorites for the system. You’re Mario that works in a wrecking crew (duh) together with Blackey (the predecessor to Wario) who is doing his best to wreck (hehe) your work. There’s a Level Editor which is easy and fun to use and quite intuitive, and I guess that’s kind of what they used to make the levels for the game. The only downside is that you can’t save them, and after you’ve made your 3 levels and reset the game, they’re gone.


nes 1 nes 2

That’s the MartianOdd level which I made. I altered it when I noticed you couldn’t complete it considering how I placed the upper port-a-potty stalls (that’s what I see them as!). It was a good one, but unfortunately now it’s lost…


nes 3

And then I played myself some Robocod… I mean, Robocop! It’s a decent game in my opinion. When you’ve finished the level you get this derpy cutscene. When I saw it I thought he looked like this guy when speaking:


And apparently this dude thought so as well:

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My NES Collection

NES games

Behold, my NES game collection!

In falling order:

1. NES Advantage manual

I got this with my NES Advantage, which I showcased to y’all in this post. It’s in great shape and has hardly been used.

2. Mario Bros.

I bought this in Kvibergs Marknad in Gothenburg, Sweden. Well, I got the re-print already in the NES Classics Series, but my brother saw this one and was about to get Ikari Warriors with it for free, which I accidentally blocked him from getting. Anyhow, he got this original version and without much thought decided to change this one with my NES Classic, and I’m really grateful that he’s such a kind soul. Bought for 17 £.

3. Golf

I bought this game for 2 £ and you can read about it in this post.

4. Wrecking Crew

This one I found for 13 £ in Mynt & Musik at Stampgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden (not the one with the kind man, that one is at Stigbergsliden). Great deal considering its semi-rarity and how fun it’s to play. Also the game contains a ton of challenging action-puzzles for you to solve.

5. Rad Racer

I got this for… 7 £ I think. I bought it from the seller Game World at Tradera, the Swedish equivalent of Ebay (actually it’s owned and run by people from Ebay). An alright racing game, and as with many of my purchases I bought it since we rented it once, and my only memory is a short gameplay of it when I was a wee tyke many, many years ago (about 79 years ago).

6. Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

I got this for 17£ in the same Mynt & Musik where I got Wrecking Crew. A really fun Co-Op game!

7. Blue Shadow

I bought this from a site called Bokbörsen (it’s a site where you can buy used books primarily, but also movies and GAMES). 8£. Here’s the post. It’s better than Ninja Gaiden by far!

8. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

I got this nostalgic piece of ROM for 12 £ and you can read about it here.

9. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

I bought this game for 5 £, incl. shipping, from Tradera.

10.  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!

This classic was purchased from Tradera for 17£. Not bad of a deal considering it’s the Mike Tyson version of the game (the one I used to play all the time).

11. Robocop

A pretty fun game featuring the badass Robocop, I bought it for 7 £. Read about it here.

12. Batman

One of the few movie licensed games that don’t suck balls, I got it for 8 £. Read about it here.

13. Super Mario Bros 3

I don’t need to tell you stuff about this well known and awesome game. It’s my wife’s copy.

Robocop 3: Is It That Bad?

Robocop 3. The black sheep of the trilogy, where Peter Weller doesn’t reprise his role as Officer Murphy, a.k.a. Robocop.


He becomes a combination of  the dutiful and brave Irish cop he is and some of the topmost state-of the art equipment available, stuff that puts today’s technology to shame. I can just say that I don’t think there’s any possibility to have a worst first day at work than he had.

This movie builds off the first two movies. We’re still following Murphy in his endeavors to crush the increasing criminal activity in Detroit City. And he does it well, even though I can’t help to feel they need about 9 more of him to be successful since the city is just as riddled with crime as it was in the first movie.

OCP still has the role of the bad guy in this movie, and most people reprise their roles, even Murphy’s partner Anne, but one can see a gaping hole where Jill Hennessy plays Robocops engineer/lover (just kidding about the lover part) and OCP has a new boss that’s played by Rip Torn. Also Robocop is played well by Robert John Burke, so he looks different, but since his visor is off for short times one won’t notice. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mr. Burke’s face or anything, don’t get me wrong.

Weller to the left and Burke to the right. Note the difference?

Weller to the left and Burke to the right. Note the difference?

The plot is the following; as shown in Robocop , OCP needs to evacuate all living premises to build their generic tall buildings of glass and steel for the public. Problem is, most people don’t want to move. And some Japanese corporation with no conscience whatsoever uses hired mercenaries to forcibly move the citizens into the Rehabilitation Centres. At first Robocop is pitted against the rebels but when something happens he decides to switch sides and defend the innocent, and the Japanese send the Katana-wielding Otomo to take care of both the rebels and Murphy.

Otomo, pretty, isn't he? Just dazzling, really.

Otomo, pretty, isn’t he? Just dazzling, really.

One thing that I don’t get is that his directives are back. I guess OCP reintroduced them as a safety measure, but they didn’t know about this if I recall correctly. I guess he must have told someone that shouldn’t know by accident and been re-programmed by that ancient computer again.

All in all I can say that it’s a very enjoyable movie that reeks of the 90’s. It’s a great trilogy, really, and I’m afraid they’re going to poop all over Robocop and his awesome design with the remake. Anyhow, I actually think I like this a bit more than the 2nd movie and really recommend it to everyone old enough, though the 1st one still holds a very special place in my heart.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I guess we'll have to wait until the CGI is added upon the film.

I’m not sure what to make of this. I guess we’ll have to wait until the CGI is added upon the film. I need to see how he moves.

Trivia:  The suit was too small for Burke, and that explains why he moves too stiffly. They didn’t have the budget to make a new smaller one…

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Game Hunting: 30 New Games!

New games

This time I’ve outdone myself.

I’ve got my hands on a few games that I’ve searched for for a while. Well, all but one of them.

Robocop is a rental copy complete with the case from the olden times (from when I was a kid, that is) but I couldn’t fit it in the picture with the case, so I left it out. It’s from the now out-of-business Swedish distributor Yapon. Price: 10 dollars (a fair price since these rental copies are sought after by collectors)

He gets hurt by kicks, dog bites and other stuff he's impervious to in the movie, but it's still a good game.

He gets hurt by kicks, dog bites and other stuff he’s impervious to in the movies, but it’s still a good game.

Blue Shadow is a really good game, in the spirit of Ninja Gaiden (only better in my opinion) that was produced by Natsume (Serious Fun!). It’s a game that looks great, feels great and plays great. And it’s a 2-player Co-op game! Price: 10 dollars (I haven’t found it  for a better price the last 5 years. It’s a good and sought after game so I consider this a fair price.)

A challenging but great game, a must have for the NES.

Powerpuff Girls I bought in a Thrift Store. It looks like crap, but it’s a boxed mint condition Gameboy Color game that I bought for a fair price, completely new. I hope it plays well. It surely won’t though.  I haven’t been looking for this game at all. It’s a purely indicental find that I couldn’t pass up. Price: 3 dollars.

Doesn't look that nice, doesn't it?

Doesn’t look that nice, doesn’t it?

Mega Drive Collection (Genesis Collection in the US) I got for a fair price and completely new in plastic wrapping and all. It contains 27 games, which in a way means that I’ve bought 30 games in 7 days. This also means that I won’t need to buy a Mega Drive/Genesis to play most of the great games for the system. I think I’ve saved about 90 dollars all in all with this purchase, and the games are said to be good ports. I especially look forward to Comix Zone (an awesome game where a comic book artist gets dragged into his own story and fights his way through his panels) and now I only need that awesome SEGA/PS2 controller…: Link Price: 7 dollars.

Comix Zone, an innovative and great game for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Comix Zone, an innovative game for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Phantasy Star, I don't know which game in the series though. I wonder what she's referring to?

Phantasy Star, I don’t know which game in the series though. I wonder what she’s referring to?

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Drop It Creep

RoboCop is awesome. He can say things like “Drop it, creep” and still be the most awesome cyborg there is.

I love the insertion of the “Help me…” guy. He’s the crook that laughs at the guy that says “I’d buy that for a Dollar!” and gets an acid shower, courtesy of RoboCop.

This awesome piece is sketched by the artist dhstyle and you can find his Deviantart gallery here: dhstyle

Games that I’m playing now

I’m playing Pokémon Diamond at the moment. I’ve fought Cyrus the Psychopath on Mount Mortar (which was a boring part of the game which I Max Repelled my way through until the fights with the bosses) and now I’m going to try to capture Dialgia with a crippled team.

I have the following team:

Jaws the Torterra Lv. 45: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Synthesis and Razor Leaf

Teeth the Crobat Lv. 45: Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Roost and Bite

Bill the Golduck Lv. 46: Surf, Psychic, Shadow Claw and Psych Up

Feathers the Sneasel Lv. 45: Avalanche, Faint Attack, Slash and Agility

I’m saving space for a Heathran and another dude.

Also I’m trying to play Advance Wars but it takes time to finish the maps. I’ll park it while I’m playing Diamond and HeartGold though as I’ve been struck by Pokémania. Again.

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